Also This Spring…

Last week, I offered a small preview of my upcoming novel, which takes place in the year 2019.

For this week, I give you another:

Part of Valentina’s volunteer work involved holding the hands of terrified young Russian, Ukrainian, and Polish girls, and doing her best to translate for the doctor as he explained the procedure. She had seen the results when these girls went to back alley quacks, so when her adopted country went a little crazy, so did she.

She had to be crazy, to be sitting in this fast-food joint in rural Georgia, hundreds of miles from home, engaged in activity that almost every state in the old South had branded as criminal. If she had been in Alabama, she would have been aiding and abetting a murder, and subject to life in prison according to the new statutes on the books there.

In plain fact, however, she was helping to drive a pregnant seventeen-year-old girl to Ohio.

So, in the year 2019, driving a pregnant girl to Ohio is considered murder in Alabama. Very strange…

Let me know what you think!