Unfortunately, a Superdelegate is not someone that the Avengers send to a political convention, because that would be kind of awesome. Instead, it’s an undemocratic phenomenon within the Democratic Party that is effectively keeping old school machine politics on life support.

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I Am Both a Capitalist and a Socialist

Early last month, twice-failed Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton appeared at something called the Shared Values Leadership Summit and, in a further effort to deflect blame for her defeat away from her own deficiencies as a candidate, said that the reason she lost was that she was “a capitalist” and too many Democrats are “socialists.”

In doing so, Clinton played into one of the hoariest right-wing clichés: that the Democrats are a bunch of Muslim-loving far-left Marxists who want to confiscate all the wealth and give it to “welfare queens.” Continue reading “I Am Both a Capitalist and a Socialist”